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About ''The Queen Show"

Choreographed by the esteemed Angela Revie and Michael Revie, renowned for their international acclaim and artistic prowess, this fresh and vibrant production promises a fusion of artistic brilliance and the timeless tunes of Queen. Michael Revie, also a distinguished dancer, will grace the stage alongside an ensemble of exceptional talent, including Veronica Louw, Angela Revie, Mahlatse Sachane, Javier Monier from Cuba, and the prodigious Joshua Williams, who is making a heartwarming return to his hometown.


Mzansi Ballet Company, endearingly known as the "Nation's Ballet” from annually performing in 6 out of the 9 South African provinces and having worked with dancers and students from all 9 provinces has carved a distinctive niche in the world of dance by making ballet accessible to all. The vision is to break boundaries, reinvent, and express artistry through dance, always striving for excellence and relevance. Dirk Badenhorst, the Director of Mzansi Ballet Company, emphasizes the importance of resilience and discipline in the journey to becoming a technically skilled and captivating dancer.

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