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About Us

Founded in 2017 by Dirk Badenhorst, Mzansi Ballet is a unique dance company that identifies and cultivates young South African talent. The company brings together these emerging artists with seasoned professionals to create performances that authentically convey South African stories while respecting the cultural and historical aspects of classical ballet. Notable productions by Mzansi Ballet include "Benghazi," "When Ballet Meets Jazz," "The Queen Show," "The ABBA Show," "The Christmas Show," "Swan Lake," and "The Gold Rhino of Mapungubwe."

Our core mission is to nurture artistic expression, foster cultural appreciation, and engage communities through the art of dance. This commitment involves delivering exceptional performances, providing top-tier education, and conducting impactful outreach programs that enrich the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Mzansi Ballet is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating South Africa's rich dance heritage, both within its own practice and through active participation in the wider African cultural dialogue.


Mzansi Ballet has established the Mzansi Ballet School (comprising Recreational and Vocational divisions) and the Mzansi Ballet Junior Company. These endeavors aim to provide young South Africans with access to high-quality ballet and dance training, as well as the opportunity to perform alongside a professional company.

Elegant Red Black Curtain Coming Soon Banner (2).png

Contact Us

Mzansi Ballet

Fourways Mall

Level 5

Cel: 083 324 0949


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